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Introducing the technology

What is Angular?

Being extremely popular among both large international enterprises and mid-sized companies, Angular.js is a solid choice for building a performant, attractive frontend. As an Angular development company, we value the framework for its amazing capabilities in terms of designing engaging interfaces even when it comes to complex applications. Angular.js is supported by Google, time-tested, and has a rich ecosystem which allows to deal with most tasks developers may face. It has a cross-platform nature, which introduces an ability to build web, mobile, SPA, and desktop apps with no limitations.

  • Outstanding development speed and reusability
  • Suits both large enterprise applications and mid-size ones
  • Easy to build apps for any platform
  • Rich ecosystem and large community of developers

What it suits best

When to use Angular?

While providing outstanding capabilities in terms of building single-page apps, hybrid mobile solutions, and web apps, Angular still has its limitations. As an Angular.js web development company, we recommend opting for Angular if you need a large, complex system which require rather solid maintainability and scalability than frequent changes implementation. Angular is about stability and ongoing support, not pivots — that’s why companies like Google and Amazon go for this framework.

  • Extremely good for long-term projects
  • Provides solid performance for complex apps
  • Covers both mobile and desktop

Why Angular?

Features of Angular Development

Being on the market for a really long time, Angular.js equips the development team with whatever it might require to build exactly what your project requires. It also integrate with third-party tools easily.

Due to outstanding readability, and a rich set of tools able to cover any scenario, Angular is well-known for its development speed and prototyping capabilities. Though, an ability to reuse the code makes it easier for engineers to develop on the later stages of the project.

As an Angular.js development agency, we help our clients take advantage of the framework’s hierarchical dependency injection and server-side rendering, so the user gets an outstanding experience no matter how heavy your system is.

In Angular, components can be replaced with ease, so the technology is almost perfect for iterative development. Since Angular is also easy to read, it is well-suited to companies that work with outsourcing vendors.

The framework performs especially well when it comes to unit testing, as the self-sufficient nature of its components makes the performance tests easier and more efficient.

Supported by Google, Angular gets everything needed timely to meet occasional Google updates and changes. Combined with large community and rich documentation, it makes Angular extremely trustworthy.

We cover all of your needs

Angular Development Services

As the technology partner for our clients, we deem it necessary to cover as much as your business requires. We build web and hybrid mobile applications, SPAs, provide advisory services, and modernize your software either as a dedicated team or by allocating you our technical talents. When designing your solutions, we delve into the core of your business, analyze processes, and create custom applications that meet both current market requirements and your long-term strategy.

  • Get a dedicated Angular.js team
  • Empower your squad with Angular.js engineers
  • Design applications for all major platforms
  • Build a long-term technology strategy

Bespoke Software Development

Either creating your Angular-based solutions from the ground up or catching your project on the fly, we ensure your product is well-performant, secure, and easily maintainable. We enter the project as a product team or allocate some of our talents to drive your development in the right way.


Application Modernization

We help you keep up with the emerging tech trends and drive your software modernization to make sure your digital solution meets your current and future business requirements. In a word, we set you up for a success both right away and in a long run.


IT Advisory

As an Angular.js development company, we provide comprehensive consultancy services to make sure your app is secure, attractive, and performant. We conduct analysis and prepare exhaustive report, handpick a toolset, and provide clear recommendations on your technology strategy.

Our Development Process

We set up a transparent cooperation framework that focuses on both ensuring an efficient development process and clear, timely communication. No matter if we help you as a dedicated team or empower your team with our experts, communication and focus on a bigger picture are always a priority for us.



Initial project research, current product technical state analysis, estimates preparation and team allocation



Design research, wireframing, and development aimed to provide ready-to-use UX/UI



Engineering stage, which covers both back- and front-end parts as well as quality assurance



Set of measures and advisory aimed to ensure efficient product maintenance and growth

Angular Development Services with Archysoft

Be it creating digital products from scratch or an existing solution modernization, we always step up to ensure the result fulfills your business requirements. We empower enterprises with all-round tech expertise and drive startups of small businesses through all peculiarities of research, design, and development. Here’s what you get with Archysoft:

  • Cross-domain and cross-platform expertise with Angular.js
  • Rapid development squad allocation
  • Comprehensive technology advisory

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Team

  • Suits well-determined complex projects well
  • Best for long-term projects
  • We manage day-to-day processes

Team Extension

  • Rapid team allocation
  • ‘Pay as you go’ model
  • You manage day-to-day processes

Time & Material

  • Suits projects with changeable requirements
  • Suits small businesses and startups
  • Advanced cost control

Technologies We Use

To empower your business


.NET (ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC etc), Node.js (Nest.js)

JS Frameworks

React.js, Vue.js, Electron.js

Cloud Computing Platforms

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services


RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS

Data Management

MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Frontend Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Material UI, Bootstrap, AJAX

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Angular Development?

As an Angular.js development agency, we have a versatile experience in designing digital solutions for both large companies and startups, and empower our clients not only with tech knowledge but also business expertise. We compose squads rapidly and tailor skillsets to project specifics.

Why Use Angular for Web Development?

Angular is a strong choice for both SPAs, desktop applications, and mobile solutions. It is performant, has an outstanding potential for scaling, and, what’s especially important for long-standing products, is relatively easy to maintain due its components encapsulation, readability, and code reusing.

Do You Provide Support and Maintenance?

As an Angular.js web development company, we do strive to cover whatever our customers need, but as for today we do not provide support and maintenance services. Though, we provide comprehensive advisory and help our clients set up an efficient and easy maintenance framework.

Do You Sign an NDA Before Starting a Project?

To deliver a result that makes difference for your business, we need to know as much as we can. Hence, we sign an NDA before delving into your processes and existing product peculiarities.