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Introducing the technology

What is Node.JS?

Often being the first choice for startups and small businesses looking for exceptional scaling capabilities, Node.js ensures rapid minimum viable product development and its smooth transformation into a solid, fully-fledged digital solution. As a Node development company, we also help you take advantage of the fact that technology allows fast dedicated team assembling, smooth product creating process and easy scaling.

  • Time-tested JavaScript technology with a large community
  • Allows for rapid cross-platform development
  • Highly scalable ‘everything in one place’ technology
  • Ensures solid performance for both large and small products

Taking the most out of technology

When to Use Node.JS?

With our Node.js development services, you can take advantage of a splendid combination of fast development and solid performance. It’s used by Netflix and eBay for its huge scaling potential, strong performance under heavy loads, and quite easy change implementation. Since Node is all about a ‘one-place’ philosophy, you can build both frontend and backend with this technology, use less files, and trim down the development costs.

  • Fast MVP development and accelerated prototyping
  • Best suit for products that need to be scaled rapidly
  • Solid performance even under decent loads

Solutions it suits best

What Else Can You Do with Node.JS?

Allowing for fast and resource-efficient prototyping, Node.js is an extraordinary fit for digital products that need to be built fast and improved in short iterations. For example, LinkedIn utilizes the technology both for the backend and mobile application.

The speed is of a great essence when it comes to messaging apps, and Node.js is lightning fast. Also, the technology has module-based functions, which save up the time and effort of the development team when implementing changes.

Large collaboration software products often have tons of features, which makes the team opt for microservices architecture — and Node.js supports this serverless approach efficiently. Hence, collaboration tools have no stellar to reach if built with such a technology.

As a Node.js web development company, we recommend streaming and media projects to opt for the technology: it brings outstanding scalability and doesn’t require a lot of effort to scale your app. For most projects of this type, Node.js is also the most cost-efficient solution.

No matter what your requirements for real-time apps are, Node.js would be one of the most suitable options for your project: it serves WebSockets protocol extremely efficiently and works perfectly with WebRTC due to its asynchronous nature.

Marketplace solutions may suffer from both heavy loads and need to ensure solid real-time user experience, which encourages companies to opt for Node.js services. Speed, simplicity, and seamless deployment process are truly the pros of Node when it comes to marketplace development.

Everything you need — by one company

Node.JS Development Services

We have versatile experience building both web and mobile solutions with Node.js technology, and never hesitate to drive our customers from the very concept validation to a fully-fledged software product. By bringing several cooperation frameworks, we ensure you get timely and cost-efficient services.

  • Custom digital product design
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Software modernization and reengineering
  • All-round development consultancy

Turnkey Product Development

Our Node.js development company strives to cover all the needs your business requires. We lead you through the initial research, cover development and quality assurance, and equip you with everything you may need to conduct maintenance and support in an efficient, reliable way.


Squad Augmentation

To fill the gaps in your technical expertise or to provide you with more engineering power, we allocate our versatile Node.js experts, so you can reinforce the development in weeks, not months. Our professionals act as product developers rather than just check tasks off the list, so you can be sure your engineering squad is efficient.


Expert IT Advisory

With our consultancy services, we cover all product development activities you go through: initial research and validation, tech stack composition, assembling the team and establishing a transparent, efficient development process.

Our Development Process

Whether you work with the dedicated team we assemble or hire several Node.js experts from Archysoft, we support you through the whole development and launch process. We establish a process that’s clear for both team and stakeholders and provide exhaustive reporting throughout the whole development.


Project idea validation, research, initial timelines and resources estimation


UX/UI design ideation, wireframing, and development


Software engineering and ensuring the quality


Launch and advisory on further maintenance and support

Why Our Node.JS Web Development Company?

We focus on a bigger picture and dive into your business specifics to make sure the product you get complies with security standards, market trends, and industry regulations. When designing your solution, we care not only about how it performs today but also about its scaling capabilities.

  • Versatile expertise in web and mobile development with Node.js
  • Rapid dedicated team assembling and experts allocation
  • Throughout pre- and post-release consultancy

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Team

  • Best for long-term projects
  • Suits large and mid-size projects well
  • Flexible routine management

Team Extension

  • Rapid team assembling
  • Fits enterprise and startup companies
  • ‘Pay as you go’ framework

Time & Material

  • More flexibility in terms of requirements
  • Suits small businesses well
  • Strict cost control

Technologies We Use

To make a difference in your business


.NET (ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC etc), Node.js (Nest.js)

JS Frameworks

React.js, Vue.js, Electron.js

Cloud Computing Platforms

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services


RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS

Data Management

MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Frontend Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Material UI, Bootstrap, AJAX

Frequently Asked Question

Do I Own the Project's Code?

As a Node development company, we take care of all the development process peculiarities and feel invested in your project — though, we own nothing but the knowledge we apply. So yes, all the resources and project code belongs to you.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Node.JS App?

We see the technology potential not only in code reusing and amazing scalability but strong community. So, you can assemble the team rapidly, and take advantage of Node.js features that ensure an accelerated development process.

Do You Provide Support and Maintenance?

We are a full-cycle Node.js app development company — we take care of every pre-development challenge and the development process itself, but we do not provide any maintenance services.

How Can I Control the Remote Team?

In case you engage a dedicated squad of ours, you can manage the day-to-day delivery or get project management services from our side. When we extend your team with our engineers, we don’t provide an option of getting the project manager from our side.